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Legendary figure of the Lyon’s musical scene, the talent and the passion of Jack Bon largely exceed the French borders. Initially serving the Rock music during 8 years with his Ganafoul band, Jack Bon became, with the years, one of the most impassioned apostles of the Blues not only by interpreting it, but also by creating "Blues Boom", a conference concert which tells the history of the afro-American community and shows the bonds which exist between the evolution of the Blues and the social upheavals of the history. This spectacle already presented in various festivals, museums and media libraries was also adapted for a young public in a shorter version.

His passion for the Blues, he likes to share it on stage, may it be in electric Power Trio, in duet with Neal Black, or in acoustic solo with his new album "Live and Acoustic". During 17 live songs and 3 bonus songs recorded in studio, Jack Bon revisits the great standards of the Blues, from "Love in Vain" by Robert Johnson to "Bad Moon Rising" by John Fogerty while passing by "Mad Man Blues" by John Lee Hooker, "Hesitation Blues by Reverend Gary Davis,"Police Dog Blues" by Blind Blake and "Yicky Yicky Yeah" by Leadbelly, and a medley " Make me a pallet on your floor / Im satisfied  " by Mississippi John Hurt to quote them only.

Autodidact, Jack Bon developed a precise and of great smoothness guitar playing, doubled of a cordial and communicative interpretation, at the image of what he says of the Blues: "... The Blues, it is a manner of making, of interpreting a song. The blues is the truth, if someone is cheating it immediately becomes out of subject. If there is joy, it has to be heard, if there is sadness, it has also to be heard".

The result is more than convincing. The titles are connected with such a lightness that, taken in a superb musical dream, time becomes a completely abstract concept and one surprises oneself to be at the end of this superb, fine and delicate ode to the Blues without even having noticed it. Thanks for having made us dream of so good manner, Jack.

There sometimes are albums so successful that wanting to speak about them and describe them will never succeed in returning all their substance. Prohibition, the new album of Gwyn Ashton is one of those because, no matter what one can say, nothing will never be as strong as to listen to it.

Prohibition is a strong, powerful and dark, energetic and charged with electricity Blues-Rock. 12 songs (11 new compositions and a cover, "Secret Agent" of Rory Gallagher), skilly engraved by a Gwyn Ashton on top form, which take us along in the very depths of our souls to mould them and to extract our most secret emotions.

After having played with the musicians of Rory Gallagher on his fabulous album "Fang It" (released in 2000), Gwyn Ashton is this time surrounded by Chris Glen on bass, Ted McKenna (Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Michael Schenker Group, Ian Gillan rhythm section) on drums and Don Airey (Deep Purple) on piano and organ. The result is quite simply dazzling. Jewels among the jewels, the songs "Ain't my style" and "Get up, Get Over it" are quite simply amazing. And "The Road is my Religion", in which Gwyn plays harmonica, it so beautiful that it takes us along immediately to the Nirvana.

Gwyn Ashton shows us once more with this album, the best of his career and probably the best Blues/Rock album of 2006, than he’s truly part of this new generation of Blues-guitar heroes which make live and evolve the Blues-Rock of the most beautiful way !

Album Title:

Live and Acoustic

Release Date :

May 10th 2007


Blues Cap 01

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Statesboro blues

2. Don't tear my clothes

3. Soul of a man

4. Yicky yicky yeah

5. Mad man blues

6. See that my grave is

    kept clean

7. Hesitation blues

8. You gotta move

9. Cross road blues

10. Drown in my own tears

11. Drinkin'wine spo-de-o-de

12. Malted milk

13. Police dog blues

14. Rosalyn

15. Make me a pallet on

      your floor / I'm satisfied

16. Bad moon rising

17. Love in vain

Bonus Tracks/Studio demos

18. Mama don't

19. Trouble in mind

20. Catfish blues

Album Title:


Release Date :

March 20th 2006



Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Ball & Chain

2. Ain't My Style

3. Get Up, Get Over it

4. Prohibition

5. The Road Is My Religion

6. Secret Agent

7. Come On / Don't Walk,

    Run !

8. Castaway

9. Back To You

10. Are You Lonely

11. Guitar Town

12. Rest In Paradies (for



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With "Still Making History" Ana Popovic creates a surprise, and this for several reasons.

Musically speaking, "Still Making History" is not the 110% Blues/Rock bomb one could have awaited. And let us say it immediately, it is perhaps the only criticism which one can make to this album: the fans of pure Blues/Rock will perhaps not find what they’re looking for. This album is indeed a singular interbreeding of several styles going from the Blues to the Jazz, while passing by the R&B, Reggae and World Music.

An essential observation can be made from the start : the emphasis it put on the singing of Ana, in spite of her guitaristic qualities, always so sharpened though. The use of horns as well as various keyboards (Hammond B3, Wurlitzer) and piano is definitely more marked than on her preceding albums, giving to “Still Making History” a cordial and coloured sound.

In spite of the many musical styles contained in the album, the whole is very homogeneous, and sounds more "American" that her preceding albums.

It should be said that one finds there a lot of talented musicians (Jon Cleary, Mike Finnigan, Tony Braunagel, Lenny Castro, Joe Sublett, Darelle Leonard, Steve Potts, Scott Thompson) as well as a “legend” on the mastering of the album: Doug Sax! All these people worked with the greatest names of Rock, West Coast Music, Blues and Jazz.

But what are the reasons of these changes ?

The crossing of the Atlantic and the signing of a new contract with the American label Delta Groove is certainly an explanation. The production of John Porter (Los Lonely Boys, Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo', Buddy Guy) and David Z (Buddy Guy, Etta James) is another.

But the main reason, which quickly appears as essential when listening to the album is that Ana Popovic arrived at an important stage of her life and her career and, for once, preferred to express herself with her texts rather than with her guitar.

For this reason, "Still Making History" can be perceived as a milestone in her life as much as a thought and a testimony on the difficulties and the injustices of this world, may they be of her own personal experiment in Serbia after the implosion of Yugoslavia (Hold One, Shadow After Dark), or as a witness of the difficulties of a large part of the humanity (African people for example with Between Our Worlds).

Her texts are realistic, while never being stripped of the hope that any individual, through his personal history and while trying to dialogue with and understand the others, contributes to the history with a capital H.

This album also widely speaks about love: its hopes, its ideals, its disillusions. And especially about the "great love" that Ana seems to have found and who sings it with "U complete me", a love song written for “him” (happy man, I’m a bit jealous of him!), and My Favorite Night.

In conclusion "Still Making History" is a kind of chameleon album. Having had consequent means musically speaking, it is paradoxically the most  intimate and personal album of Ana Popovic. It is an album which reflects the metamorphosis of Ana Popovic as woman and as artist.

And while one listens to "Still Making History" as if Ana entrusted personally to us, and this without never losing the energy that one knows to her, one is already dreaming to the next album, to try to guess which surprise Ana will bring to us.

An very “woman” and actual album, to enjoy in a cosy and intimate environment, as well as on live during the Blues Nights of Gossau on July 7th !

Mark Alberts is part of this generation of artists who were soaked in with The Beatles, raised with the Rock and West Coast US music, nourished to the Blues. Multi-instrumentalist, he plays piano, guitar, and learned to play drums as an autodidact. Songwriter, he has compound alone his songs. After having been a long time a sound engineer he passed "on other side" and decided to also go to the “singing area”.

His album "Me and the B" is the fruit of this musical eclecticism and his professional experience.

The "B" of "Me and the B" is a reference to Beatles. Melodically, several songs have the same texture as the compositions of the Fab Four (Let it Be you, Killing one the TV) and Why don't we do it in the road is a cover of The Beatles.

All in all, the titles of the album sound like a good US Folk/Rock and West Coast, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty way. His years of work with Jeff Lynne (ELO, The Beatles, George Harrisson, Bob Dylan, Traveling Wilburys who release a new album currently) are a good explaination.

Lastly, some titles resound like a very good actual pop/rock  (What's on today Dorian Gray, A lot to give, Feel the pain).

As for the texts, they are simple but sober and precise.

This album, of extremely assumed influences, is listened with a facility equal to the fluidity of the many and superb ballades which make it up.

Except two titles on which he is accompanied by his musicians, Mark Alberts recorded this album alone with old pre-amps, compressors and vintage guitars, giving to the album very purified sonorities which put all the more ahead the melodic richness of its songs. A superb  first album!

Album Title:

Me and the B

Release Date :

June 15th 2007


me & B Records /

Willy Lugeon Distribution

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Does anybody know

2. What's on today, Dorian


3. Let it be you

4. Satisfied

5. A lot to give (unplugged)

6. Killing on the TV

7. Feel the pain

8. I fly

9. Why don't we do it in

    the road

10. Voodoo girl

11. Never satisfied

Album Title:

Still Making History

Release Date :

June 19th 2007


Delta Groove / Electric Groove

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. U Complete Me

2. Hold On

3. Between Our Words

4. Is This Everything There


5. Hungry

6. Doubt Everyone But Me

7. You Don't Move Me

8. Still Making History

9. My Favorite Night

10. How'd You Learn To

      Shake It Like That?

11. Shadow After Dark

12. Calendars

13. Sexiest Man Alive

14. U Complete Me (Blues



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Before speaking about "Get your house in order", the new album of Mudcat, it is appropriate to speak about the man who hides behind this pseudonym : Danny Dudeck.

Born in St-Paul, Minessota, Danny Dudeck grew in Georgia. After having studied at the National Shakespeare Conservatory, it is on the streets of New York that he changes road and follows a way which will carry him out until the New Orleans where he lives currently.

Mudcat is one of the most prestigious representatives and defenders of the "Piedmont Blues", one of the most mixed and most original kinds of Blues. In parallel, and in spite of his of eternal relaxed troubadour look, he’s one of the members of the Board of Directors of the  "Music Maker Relief Foundation" in company of Tim Duffy and Taj Mahal. The purpose of this prestigious foundation is to help Bluesmen of the Orleans News in providing them the vital minimum for their basic living expenses (food, clothing, housing, gasoline) and enabling them to record and play on stage again. The "Music Maker" compilations which gather these artists are essential CDs for any amateur of Blues. Here is for the man.

It was essential to describe him a little, to understand that Mudcat is a man with multiple facets and qualities, on which it is difficult to stick a label. And the same applies to his music in general and to this album "Get your house in order" in particular. One could say about this album "Get your house in order" that it is a mixture of Country Blues, Funk, Soul, Latino rhythms, as much as a mixture of English, Spanish texts and sometimes even some French words. One could notice that among his many compositions, also appear some covers of musicians from Georgia and Louisiana : "Cold Rainy day" from Curley Weaver, "Jiggaro" from Cootie Stark and "Wish I knew Trouble" from Ross Pead and Bill Sheffield.

But all that would not return all the substance of this album, whose force is in energy and spontaneousness : recorded under live conditions in 3 days only in only one take and without overdubs, this album releases so much force and energy that when listening to it one feels transported in the streets of the Orleans News during Mardi Gras.

Because "Get your house in order", it is an enormous amount of good mood and party thanks to the festive compositions of Danny Dudeck: "Get your house in order", "Whiskey Angel", and "Take peace in your heart" (which gives innocently a simple and efficient life lesson : "Take peace in your heart and the world will follow").

It is coppered Blues thanks to the presence of the Atlanta Horns Randy Skinner and Eddie Boyd. It is sensuality thanks to the latino sonorities and the Spanish texts. It is carnival thanks to the Mudkittens, which puts fire at the studio in "Jiggaro" and “The Pistol Song” mainly. And it also some titles loaded with emotion like "Gone", "The Pistol Song" and "Agradezco a Dios", or with humour like "Odious Plot (Sober Song)": "There's an Odious Plot to keep me sober, a nefarious scheme to keep me from turning mean".

You will have understood it, the music of Mudcat is not a music to describe, but a music to listen and to live ! It is said that the music is the reflection of the heart. This is particularly true for Danny Dudeck, whose music is at the image of Mudcat: generous, mixed, original, immediately empathic, and always festive.

"Get your house in order" is a moment of life and party not to be missed, and to share absolutely with your friends !

My quite dear Blues brothers, we are here together to discover the new sermon of our father The Reverend, entitled "I have a Dream".

Spiritual son of the Reverend Gary Davis from which comes his pseudo, Lionel Raynal, who fell into the musical heretic rock'n’roll pot between Belleville and Pigalle, was touched by the grace of the Blues in 1969 when listening to Cactus, then sanctified by his meeting with Buddy Guy. Since then, The Reverend walks its stick of pilgrim in the grounds of Blues/Rock to the sides of his long last friends who are Paul Personne, Little Bob, and crossing on its road some Messiahs of the Blues like Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Buddy Guy, Gwyn Ashton, Popa Chubby, Johnny Winter, Lucky Peterson.

Although surrounded of his faithful apostles Bernard NATIER (production), Mathieu BAMEUL (sound recording), Michael RAVASSAT (accoustic/slide guitar and musical direction), Anthony DELANOY (bass), Aurelie SIMENEL (drums) and Cédric CHRISTOPHE (keyboards), this album "I have a Dream" is not this time labelled "Reverend Blues Gang", but is an album 100% solo.

It took him good because this crossing of the desert of the Sinai, in front of himself, reveals immediately and more than ever the blazing personality of The Reverend.

A black angel which, through its songs, fights against hate, intolerance, and howls to denounce precariousness and misery in the cities: "These plagues replaced the chains of the slaves of Mississippi and besides. The lack of a future and of projects with the lack of money to carry them out, became the cotton fields of million people throughout the world ".

All in "I Have a Dream" is perfect: musical arrangements, forged in a burning Electric Blues worked with Southern Rock sonorities, to the texts always inspired may they be militant ("I have a Dream", "Don't be Messin"), autobiographical ("Sweet Dad"), furiously libertarians ("Running man"), or deeply touching ("Paris a le Blues", "Song for G", "Bad Time Blues").

Add great guests to this perfect realization : Little Bob on guitar on "Libero", Beverly Jo Scott singing in duet on "Paris a le Blues", Paul Personne on lead & slide guitar on "Libero" and "Paris a le Blues", and Mickey Blow Harm in "Bad Time Blues" and "Boogie to Paradise", and you will obtain there ostie for the next Sunday mass. The body and the soul of the preacher : Amen.

Album Title:

Get Your House In Order

Release Date :

Avril 2007


30 Miles Up / Witch Music Production

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Get Your House In Order

2. Whiskey Angel

3. Pressure

4. Don't Let Nobody Drag 

    Your Spirit Down

5. Angels Sing

6. Agradezco a Dios

7. Gone

8. Cold Rainy Day

9. Odious Plot

10. When All the Lights Go


11. Take Peace in Your


12. Jiggarro

13. The Pistol Song

14. Trouble

15. Woman in Love

16. Agradezco Acustica

Album Title:

I have a Dream

Release Date :

22 mai 2007

Label :

Why Note Records /

Willy Lugeon Distribution

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Story of my life

2. Have a dream

3. Bad Time Blues

4. Boogie to paradise

5. Sad days

6. Libero

7. Runnin Man

8. Paris a le Blues

9. Don't be messin

10. Sweet Dad

11. Still alive and Blue

12. Song for G


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Powerful and Authentic! It is what comes to mind by listening to the new eponymous album from Double Stone Washed! The 4 musicians of this Blues-Rock band originating from the south-west of France are quite simply impressive of accuracy, precision and energy.

Frederic and Franck Villafagne (bass and guitar) offer devastating guitar riffs, always learnedly interlaced with a precise and powerful bass blay. These two men know each other perfectly and that gets along. Lilian Descorps is quite simply dazzling of talent when he sings and plays harmonica!! As for Julien Bigey, he binds the whole with his powerful but never invading drums play

But while listening to this album, one quickly realizes that it has some-thing more. Obviously, this album was the subject of a meticulous attention at the time it was recorded. One smells clearly a search for sound perfection, a desire for going to work the least details such as for example the addition of sound effects (dogs howling in "Let the Dogs Out" or the telephone ringing in "Call the Doctor"). This work of goldsmith deliciously honors in a brilliant way the the Blues-Rock sound with the "roots" accents as well as the splendid voice of Lilian Descorps so much so that one believes oneself quickly transported in a club somewhere in the fine bottom of the United States.

We did say it : powerful and authentic, it is the new album of Double Stone Washed!!

We’ll have had to way during 11 years ! 11 long years since his last album "Before they drive me crazy", during which Little JC will have lived many personal and musical experiments either positive (he got married and had a child) or negative (that left him with no band in 2000). Since then Little JC was rarer, and played as at his beginnings as "one man band". He was sometimes seen accompanying the one that gave him his chance in 1989: Louisiana Red, or at the Geneva Blues Summit early 2006.

All that to say that his new album "Blues straight from the heart" arrives really straight from his heart, filled of emotions. Palpable emotions and reflections of his life, superbly put in music in the style which is his: Blues inspired of the years 50/60, tinted of a little bit of swing, boogie and jazz.

With this third album, we have the immense happiness to note that Little JC proposes us a majority of titles he composed himself (10 of the 15 titles of the album are from Little JC). A unique musical style which, although inspired by the great names of the Bluesmen he worked with or he admires, knows always to remain original, coloured and personal.

"D Boogie" is sophisticated and entertaining. "Ain't nothing new" and "Don't you see" plunges us instantaneously in the environment of the great clubs of Chicago. "Stay in the middle" has the gift to change the darker sorrows into positive thoughts. As for "Hot Peppers" and "Dream I had last night", they really have the texture that makes great Blues classics.

Among the 5 covers (from Little Walter, Chester Burnett and Bobby Bland) "Last Night" of Little Walter leaves the batch by his interpretation impressed of a great sensitivity, returning perfectly the emotion and sadness of this title.

Listening to "Blues straight from the heart" gives a little bit the impression to look at "Sweet and Lowdown" of Woody Allen: a great director (Woody Allen/Little JC) able to create a unique environment with an original scenario, excellent actors (Sean Penn, Uma Thurman/Norbert Schneider-double bass, Dani Gugolz-guitar & backing vocals, Phil coudougnan-guitar & backing vocals, Sal Lombardo-drums). At the end, in both cases, the talent of all this small world gives a big winner: the music! A long time after the listening of this album, the notes of music still swing in our heads, giving us a real feeling of happiness and lightness.

The happiness to play again in a band is palpable. The compositions of Little JC give a lot of liberty to his musicians giving to the songs a true homogeneity thus making  possible to the latter to express also their talent. Not mentioning the talent of Little JC which is really dazzling of energy and precision when he plays harmonica. The whole is wrapped of a cordial and intimate environment (that of the Spiral of Freiburg, where the album was recorded in December 2006) which gives to this album a unique and deep texture, the kind of textures that makes great albums. And this one is a great album, undoubtedly! An essential CD in your Blues discotheque !

Album Title:

Double Stone Washed

Release Date :

March 1st 2007


S Prod / Double Stone Washed

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Slammering Days

2. Naked Life

3. Ever and Again

4. Look Around

5. Shaggy Dog Story

6. Come On

7. Poor Little Thing

8. Many People

9. Let the Dogs Out

10. Stowaway

11. Call the Doctor

12. Checkpoint Boogie

13. Spoonful Revisited

Album Title:

Blues straight from the Heart (Live at La Spirale)

Release Date :

April 12th 2007


Blue Lights Records

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Temperature

2. Who'll be the next

3. D Boogie

4. Make a move

5. Dream I had last night

6. How it looks like

7. Last night

8. Ain't nothing new

9. Stay in the middle

10. Don't you see

11. Hot peppers

12. Evil girl

13. Further on up the road

14. Mister B

15. You're gonna miss me


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But who is Bottleneck John? To answer this question, imagine a baby named Johan Eliasson born in the Delta... of Lit (a little more to the north than the Delta of Mississippi, somewhere in.... Sweden!). Imagine a young boy who grew in with the music and folk songs which his grandma and her mom taught him, and which his grandfather recorded on a small tape recorder. Imagine a passionate of resonator guitars doubled of a collector : National Duolian 1933, Armistar Singlecone to only talk about those ones, his older playable guitar dating from years 1840/50! Imagine a young man who very early integrated the musical heritage afro-American in his musical passions and who, fan of  music, cumulates the musical experiments : The Mudcats, Good Stuff, Conceited Time Blues, The Hot Tamales, The Piano Duet, JE' S Heart & Soul, before privileging a solo career under the name of Bottleneck John!

Imagine that not only glad to cover in a passionate way and with an extraordinary talent of interpretation and orchestration the biggest standards of the Blues and Spirituals of the years 1920/30, Gospel and Soul, he also composes some! Imagine an artist who expresses his extraordinary talent with the voice of Son House, the cumulated writing talent of Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Johnson, the heart and the emotion of Eric Bibb! Extraordinary!

But describing all these qualities of Johan Eliasson alias Bottleneck John that would be useless without speaking about his two essential talents: his emotion and his passion for the Scene.

Talking about emotion, you just have to listen to one the 6 CD he recorded to date to quickly realize it. Listen to the 5 extracts of  the album "Blues Singer" published with this review and you will quickly be submerged by a flood of sweet and delicious feelings: titles like "Stones in my passway", "I woke up this morning", "Gipsy woman" are wonders of smoothness and emotion. As for "Spirit in the Blues", this song literally makes me melt in tears each time I listen to it and is my preferred song of this album. Please also wisit his website, on which are many audio and video extracts of his concerts, and listen to its cover of "When the green grass grows" of Eric Bibb: this interpretation would dissolve the most hardened heart on Earth. Finally talking about his passion for the scene Bottleneck John, as a real impassioned, only feels himself at home when he’s on stage and shares his passion with his public. These last years, Bottleneck John constantly goes from Clubs to Festivals in the United States and across Europe. The whole Europe ? Strangely, not in Switzerland...! But no doubt that after having been known a little in our country, a Swiss event organizer won’t hesitate to invite him very soon. It would indeed be quite astonishing that the Swiss public remained a long time starved of the pleasure of applauding on scene a so complete, talented and generous artist !

Finally! The wait was long, but here it is : "Camilleri 4" the new and 4th album of Paul Camilleri. And it was worth the wait ! Here is why :

This album was produced by Francis Rossi, the cofounder, singer and guitarist of Status Quo. He besides contributes personally to it by the contribution of two songs which he composed with Bob Young (roadie and harmonicist of Status Quo) : “Crazy for you” and “Strike like lightning”.

Musically, the new compositions of Paul Camilleri and the Francis Rossi’s touch give a very British Blues color, tinted of a little FM Rock of a very great homogeneity. The guitar play of Paul Camilleri, OUR Swiss blues-rocker, is brilliant, and is learnedly supported by that of Francis Rossi which catches the handle on the majority of the songs of the album.

When with the singing of Paul Camilleri, one feel he’s very assured, and his voice is quite simply at the top ; A shiver even courses us the back when listening to "We found love",  remembering us the mature and inspired Bryan Adams of the Nineties !

The CD comprises 14 titles, frankly all excellent, which finishes in beauty with the sublime Blues ballad "Jealous Guy". It is conditioned in a luxurious paper-board inside which we find the  portraits of Paul Camilleri, Felix Mueller (bass) and Tom Beck (drums). A booklet contains the lyrics of all the songs.

"Camilleri 4” is the best album of Paul Camilleri and represents, quite simply, the best of the actual Blues-Rock production in Switzerland. It is not pretentious to say it: Paul Camilleri is currently part of the best Blues-Rock representatives on the world ! Respect, Paul!

We’re now looking forward to enjoy these new songs in concert ! Visit the new website of Paul Camilleri (entirely and superbly relooked for the release of this album) or in the agenda to know all the concerts dates.

Album title :

Blues Singer

Release date :


Label :

Hot Records

Internet website :

Track List: 

1. Come on my kitchen

2. I woke up this morning (duo)

3. How long, how long blues

4. Stones in my passway

5. I woke up this morning

6. Gypsy woman

7. D-jam

8. Too bad you had to leave

9. Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel

10. We can never tell

11. G-jam

12. Come back baby

13. Don't let nobody drag your spirit down

14. Spirit in the blues

15. Blind Willie's tune

16. You can't get that stuff no more

Album title :

Camilleri 4

Release date :

23 février 2007

Label :

Disques Office

Internet website :

Track List: 

1. You don't know

2. Angel face

3. Crazy for you

4. We found love

5. Count on you

6. You're fine

7. You gotta do

8. Strike like lightning

9. Can't get any better

10. River of love

11. Love me baby

12. Gets better

13. Jealous man

14. Jealous man (radio edit)


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There is a DBT mystery. It won't be easy to elucidate it, but let's try anyway.

Since 22 years that the group has been existing on the initiative of Daniel Blanc, guitarist and singer of the group, nobody has ever known what DBT means. The official website proposes a multiple choice survey, but that feels like a trap. Is the solution in their new album "Urbain Blues"?

After a deepened investigation, it seems that it is the 5th album of the group. The trio, that became a quatuor during the years, gives us here the opportunity to discover the talents of its new drummer Denis Briois. Musically speaking DBT continues to propose us with Urbain Blues a solid mix of Chicago Blues and Blues Rock, except Lolie which is a pop/folk song. Once more all the titles of the album are original compositions, very pleasant to listen. Titles like La retraite, Le Divorce, Terre Natale, Traquenard, TGV, or Le Blues du Cuisinier hang instantaneously to the ear. Others like Katrina (which talks about the hurricane of the same name) or L'essentiel (a tribute song to the faithful friends of the group) allure by their original texts.

It should be said : that DBT sing in French charms us. That furthermore the origins of the south (of France, not of the Mississippi) give a cordial and positive color even to the most painful subjects of their songs enchants us.

To conclude one can without any doubt state about Urbain Blues that it is an excellent album in the purest tradition of French Blues to which accustomed us artists like Paul Personne and Bill Deraime.

My investigation progresses, but I still do not know what DBT means. I learned that in the electricity business a DBT tester is used to measure the propagation of the electric signal through time, which paid to the group is certainly excellent since it has propagated its electric Blues for more than 20 years but.... Yes... of course. I found what DBT means. And you ?

What a splendid invitation to dream and travel that this "From Huntsville to Jordan", the new album of Nina Van Horn.

As of the first measures of "Feelings for sale", the song which opens the album, we’re conquered by the precision of the play on the organ Hammond, which one guesses as of the first quiverings of his hands on the keyboard that it can be nobody else but Mr Lucky Peterson.

Then very quickly we’re seduced by the splendid husky voice, and the perfectly mastered singing of Nina Van Horn. It is certain, Nina is here at the top of her art!

Lastly, we’re impressed by the undeniable talent of the American and French musicians and  who took part in the recording of the album and follow Nina on stage : Neal Black (composer of the majority of the songs and producer of the album) and Fred Chapelier at the guitar, Kim Yarbrough (Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Bernard Allison, Eric Bibb) at the bass, among others.

Musically impeccable this album is a real invitation to an initiatory travel through the United States by the means of 11 compositions (of which one song of Tony Joe White) as succeessful as varied: from the penitentiary of Huntsville in Texas (the touching "Huntsville 6.15 pm"), to the clubs of Chicago ("Get away Jordan"), and learnedly integrating rock and funk (the very sexy "Always french in bed").

Lastly, the review of this album could not finish without highlighting the quality of the compositions of this album which, under airs the great classic of the Blues, reveal a writing of great talent, modern and inventive.

Close simply the eyes and "From Huntsville to Jordan", wonder of talent and emotion of Nina Van Horn, will make you dream and travel. Why deprive yourself ?

Album title :

Urbain Blues

Release date :

Janvier 2007



(distribution Willy Lugeon)

Internet website :

Track List: 

1. La retraite

2. Le divorce

3. Terre natale

4. Traquenard

5. TGV

6. Lolie

7. Couleur boum coeur

8. Katrina

9. J'aime le sexe

10. L'essentiel

11. Le blues du cuisinier

Album title :

From Huntsville to Jordan

Release date :

Janvier 2007


Cristal Records

(distribution Disques Office)

Internet website :

Track List : 

1. Feelings for sale

2. You changed

3. Huntsville 6.15 pm

4. Bayou love child

5. Out of the rain

6. Say it to my face

7. Good bye New Orleans

8. So what ?

9. Get away Jordan

10. Always french in bed

11. Some girls


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Each year, as the evenings grow dark and cold and the winter snows begin to swirl around the North Pole, thousands of children from all over the world wrap up snug and warm and embark on their adventurous journey to visit Santa Claus and his elves at their home near Rovaniemi in Lapland! It generates so much air traffic that finnish air traffic controllers have to organise what they call the “santa flights”.

Each year at the same period, after having spent a long day in reading or listening to the children’s wishes and preparing their presents for “the” night, Santa Claus goes to Hyvinkää to relax by listening to the songs of his friend Alaska Kalan.

It’s easily understandable to know why Santa Clause loves Alaska Kalan’s music. It’s because when you listen to his music, you feel the roots of the Blues so deeply  that you nearly could touch them. And if Alaska Kalan’s music is so intense, if his lyrics are so strong it is not by chance, but thanks to a long terrestrial and intellectual travel he’s made to understand the ways of the Blues.

For that, as he couldn’t found a blues master in his village nor in the surroundings he left his New-Jersey and his band The Soul Hustlers to begin a long trip that took him across nearly all continents to finally end up in Finland where he lives now.

Now Alaska Kalan has found the ways of the Blues : “blues is the means by which we acknowledge suffering in the here and now, and dispel untruths spoken by earthly authorities.”

This definition is perfectly reflected in his first solo album “Zen.. and the art of Blues”. When you listen to Alaska Kalan, you’re listening to 13 original songs (music and lyrics) where it’s easy to understand that he’s put all his soul to deliver us beautiful personal and engaged songs sung in a so great delta Blues style that you could nearly believe you’re listening to an old American Bluesman. And in a way, you’re right : even if Alaska Kalan is not old, he truly is an authentic Bluesman !

For our greatest joy the new album of Rob Tognoni, Capital Wah, is available by digital download and on CD. The album is composed of 15 titles. Among those, 8 are new songs.

The least which one can say is that the style of these new songs is definitively more rock and energic than in the preceding albums.

When listening to these new songs, one also realizes change of tone in the lyrics, whose inspiration seems drawn from the specific difficulties to our modern civilization. Loneliness and insulation with "Isolate". Difficulties of communication between men and women with "Dogs with Fleas". Crazy love with "my detonation". Death with the sublime "the Shot to Kill" in which Rob describes the combat of a man fighting against death. This song contains a splendid bridge during which the echo of a guitar seems to be propagated in the darkness of a foggy night, with a funeral organ on the background. The lies and hypocrisy with "Stupify me". The synthesis of all these emotions is found summarized in the beautiful title which opens the album "The rain", in which Rob describes a rain heralding the sadness of God. An image which, if it is not new, is exploited here with force and conviction.

The 7 other titles of the album are composed of some old titles never formally published, some recent live recordings and some covers. We can find, for example, the original master of "The good die Young" (the title which launched the career of Rob in Europe), a cover of   "Like has Rolling Stone" so greatly interpreted that one would quickly forget that the Bob Dylan’s song is the original one, and "God Bless America": a title composed by Rob in 1991 as a protest against the first Gulf war.

In résumé Capital Wah is the album of a Rob Tognoni in very good shape, very inspired and as still always energetic. His guitar play, as sharp-edged as a knife, is always also impressive. This album is to listen without moderation, like our modern way of living !

Album title :

Zen... and the art of Blues

Release date :



Dusk 'Til Dawn Records

Internet website :

Track List: 

1. Good City

2. Down South

3. Penny

4. Survivor's Guilt

5. Lonesome Home

6. Ramblings From My Mind

7. Put Me Down

8. I Won't Go Back No More

9. Fat Maggie

10. Make Me Burn

11. 99 Days

12. Wake Up

13. Burnside

Album title :

Capital Wah

Release date :

3 janvier 2007


Electric Renegade

Internet website :

Track List: 

1. The Rain

2. Isolate

3. Like A Rolling Stone

4. Dogs With Fleas

5. Let Your Love Fly

6. My Detonation

7. Redhouse (Live)

8. Shoot To Kill

9. Reboot

10. I Got You - You Got Me

11. The Good Die Young (Originak)

12. Product Of A Southern Land (Live)

13. God Bless America

14. Ballad Of Julie Ann

15. Stupify Me


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Popa Chubby always crystallized the opinions around him: he is either adored or hated.

This new triple album exclusively devoted to Jimi Hendrix will have the same effect, and particularly if like Popa Chubby you are also fan of the uncontested master of the stratocaster.

Let's immediately develop the thing: Popa Chubby is not Jimi Hendrix. And finally fortunately. Even if this album (two discs live and a  studio) is made up exclusively of covers, even if the Hendrix style is respected, it is well Popa Chubby which we're listening to: energetic guitar, frank attacks, solos stretched to the maximum when the songs are not themselves enormous (on average 6 to 8 minutes, Hey Joe more than 11 minutes). A whole of 2 hours 30 of happiness !

This album, of which the live part was recorded at the Corner Stage of New York in a small formation (guitar, bass, drums) offers us a musical fireworks and allows us to discover the songs of Jimi Hendrix under an other angle. And as Popa Chubby suggests : "Play it loud! Or... PLAY IT LOUD!" And afterwards, if some forces remain in you, bring out and listen your old CD of Jimi, that will no be bad either.

It is quite simply THE EVENT of this end of the year 2006 ! "Il était une fois la route" from Paul Personne, splendid box including 2 CD and 1 DVD, is the result of the "Never Ending Tour" started in 2003 just after the release of the twin albums "Demain il f'ra beau"/"Coup d'Blues" (whose, for the reminder, the box contain a duet with Stefan Eicher).

The least that we can say is that for the price of one CD (not, you do not dream) one has for his money. The double CD, recorded at the beginning of 2006 on the end of the tour, goes during 2 hours 15 of music throughhout the extracts of several albums in the career of Paul Personne. The DVD offers us quite simply the happiness to see (and to hear in Dolby DIGITAL 5.1) these same songs during 3 hours, and with a bonus: the choice between two intros, one acoustic (5 songs), the other electric (2 songs).

Musically, it is error free ! On scene the so particular emotions of the urban blues-rock compositions of Paul are expressed a hundred times more. And the summit of this surge of emotion and energy is a gigantic version of Zic lasting 23 minutes : you really have to hear Jeff Gautier at the drums, Jérémy Lacoste at the guitar (which plays as his father - eh, that's why he looks like him...), Claude Langlois in an "impossible mission"-like solo at the pedal steel guitar or Fred Payonne at the bass. A treat !

This box is a double gift: first of all for Paul who thus celebrates in a very good way the 25 years of career of Mr Personne, and for us who have found there the perfect christmas gift to be offered to us or to offer to our best friends! So do not miss this box, neither to say "Thank you Santa Paul !"

Album Title:

Electric Chubbyland

Release year :

November 11 2006



Internet Website :

Track List: 

Disc : 1 (live)

1. Intro

2. Spanish Castle Magic

3. Foxy Lady

4. Catfish Blues

5. The Wind Cries Mary

6. Purple Haze

Disc : 2 (live)

1. Intro

2. Come On

3. Red House

4. Who Knows

5. Hey Joe

6. Little Wing

Disc : 3 (studio)

1. Manic Depression

2. Up From The Skies

3. I Don'T Live Today

4. Isabella

5. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

6. Highway Chile

Album Title:

Il était une fois la route

Release year :

November 27 2006


XIII Bis Records

Site Internet:

Track List: 

Disc 1

1. Barjoland

2. Ca va rouler

3. T’arrête pas d’me manquer

4. Quelqu’un appelle

5. Comme un étranger

6.  Qu’est-ce qui a changé

7. J’me taille

8. Pas b’soin

9.  Aphonie cérébrale

10. Big blues

11. Renvoie la balle

Disc 2

1. Loco-Loco

2. Le bourdon

3. Zic

4. Peepin’ and Hiddin’

5. Visions

6. Vue hier soir

7. C’est la vie qui m’a fait comme ça


The whole concert


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With Sugarfoot, Michelle Malone offers us here her 9th studio album, and the 13th of her career begun in 1988.

Used to the scene, she spends an average of 200 days per year on the road and already played with ZZ Top, Joan Jett, The Indigo Girls and Johnny Winter.

Michelle has composed alone the 13 songs of the disc. She herself sings and plays the acoustic/slide/electric guitar, harmonica and mandolin partitions.

The asset of this album lies in a perfectly homogeneous mix of songs either Blues, Folk, Rock, or mixing these styles, as well as a successful balance between fun and energetic songs (Tighten up the Spring, Black Motorcycle Boots) strewn with some superb ballads (Where is the Love, Beyond the Mountain).

This album is really a little marvel. And as Michelle Malone says : "the disc is an experience best enjoyed at high volume".

Buona Sera. E, da New-York, Hazmat Modine ! It is by this announcement in an Italian club that starts Bahamut, the most original Blues musical travel of the year 2006 after Doctor's Oven from Hell's Kitchen.

Hazmat Modine, new Yorker sextet taken along by two virtuosos of the harmonica Wade Schuman and Randy Weinstein, takes us along on a musical journey through the times and styles through the 15 compositions of this album.

The musical style of Hazmat Modine is a complex assembly between Blues of years 20/30, the Mississippi & New Orleans Blues, gipsies, Rumanian, reggae sonorities, Tuvans songs (people Russian close to Mongolia) and Arab texts, to quote only the most important influences. Add to that subtle additions of crickets of Sri Lanka, some barking dogs of Bali, and strange monologues... you will finally have a subtle musical painting to listen with delight, again and again....

The album is composed as one would paint a painting, inspired in that by Wade Shuman which is the chief of the department painting in the New York Academy of Art and describes himself as a "painter of notes". Only disappointment: it took seven years for Hazmat Modine to record this first album. Let us hope that they will not wait a so long time for the next one...

Album Title:


Release Year:

October 10th, 2006


SBS Records

Internet Webiste:

Track List: 

1. Tighten Up The Springs

2. Where Is The Love


3. Beyond The Mountain

4. Miss Miss'ippi

5. Traveling And Unravelling

6. Winter Muscadine

7. Black Motorcycle Boots

8. Down

9. Friendly Fire

10. Soul Chicken

11. Rooster 44

12. Leather Bracelet

13. Where Is The Love

      (Radio Mix)        

Album Title:


Release Year:

August 29th, 2006



Internet Webiste:

1. Yesterday Morning

2. It Calls Me

3. Bahamut

4. Fred Of Ballaroy

5. Broke My Baby's Heart

6. Almost Gone

7. Steady Roll

8. Everybody Loves You

9. Lost Fox Train (For Joe)

10. Dry Spell

11. Ugly Rug

12. Who Walks In When I Walk Out?

13. Grade-A Grey Day

14. Man Trouble

15. Ticket


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It's better to warn you immediately: this new album of Rudy Rotta is to be tasted!! Do not hope to draw anything from it by listening to it quickly, or directly returned from work and still stressed, because under these conditions you will not appreciate it.

Y'd rather calm down, dim the light, serve yourself a glass as B ******. You are now ready to appreciate this album recorded in the Orleans News and mixed in Nashville.

Alternating bluesy songs (Lookin' Good swaying with the Hammond and the guitar... I adore, Just Another Man seasoned with Dobro, No One Can Changes Me) songs tinted of soul and funk (Look Out Your Window, I' m in the groove) and others of country inspiration this album sounds deliciously end 70' s/early 80's, giving him at the final a beautiful homogeneity. A beautiful success.

With her first album for the Rykodisc label, Rory Block delivers a masterpiece.

This record, entierly dedicated to Robert Johnson, features thirteen of his songs.

The sound is perfect. Rory masters her slide guitar perfectly, and her voice is like a diamond in the coal. But most of all the spirit of Robert Johnson is so faithfully  respected that, no doubt about that, if the King of the Delta Blues had lived nowadays he would have played exactly like "the Lady" does on this record.

This album has gained her the support and encouragement of the Johnson family and the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation. Again, a masterpice.

Album Title:

Winds of Louisiana

Release Year:


Record Label:

ZYX Music

Internet Webiste:

Track List: 

1. Lookin' Good

2. Look out Your Window

3. Just Another Man

4. You're Gone

5. Winds of War

6. I'm in the Groove

7. Leave Me Alone

8. Papa Grooves Funk

9. Hear What I'm Sayin'

10. One Night Stand

11. Many Years Ago

12. No One Can Change Me

Album Title:

Lady And Mr Johnson

Release Year:


Record Label:


Internet Webiste:

Rory Block

Track List: 

1. Cross Road Blues

2. Preaching Blues (Up

    Jumped The Devil)

3. Milkcow's Blues

4. Walkin' Blues

5. 32-20 Blues

6. Ramblin' On My Mind

7. Terraplane Blues

8. Me And The Devil Blues

9. Last Fair Deal Gone Down

10. Come In My Kitchen

11. Hellhound On My Trail

12. If I Had Possession Over

      Judgement Day

13. Kind Hearted Woman



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After having made the exploit, in 2004, to mix the Blues with the Electro (Blues Lounge), Putumayo proposes this second compilation which returns to the pure Blues but makes us this time travel around the world.

The good surprises do not miss: in addition to the pleasure of finding certain great names (Bonnie Raitt, Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Taj Mahal), the great force of this compilation is to make us discover the Blues coming from regions from where no one would have thought that it existed : Argentina (Botafogo), Taiwan (Long-ge), Spain (Big Mama and Victor Uris), or Brazil with the extraordinary Blues Etilicos.

A very pleasant compilation that will please to the amateurs as much as to those who usually do not know the Blues.

Authentic is the word. But can one speak about authenticity for a Blues artist from Switzerland ? The answer is yes, because the Blues is a state of mind, not a label.

Its first album, recorded under a bridge, was full of roots of the blues, the bayou and the voodoo.

This second album is this time recorded in a studio in New York. Even dried and in an urban environment, Napoleon does not lose his capacity to envoute us. From the first until the last title the magic operates. The powerful but sensible voice, the sophisticated arrangements, the clean and powerful sound, all is made so that at the end of 13 titles we are completely under the charm.

Ok, we'll listens to this record in loop until we'll see him live on October the 13 and 14 at the  Moultipass. (see the agenda)

Album Title:

Blues Around The World

Release Year:


Record Label:


Internet website:

Track List: 

1. The Unseen Guest /  

    Listen My son

2. Blues Etilicos / Canceriano

    Sem Lar

3. Big Mama and Victur Uris /

    No Way Out

4. Jarabe de Palo / La Flaca

5. Bonnie Raitt with Habib  

    Koité / Back Around

6. Amar Sundy / Ouallache

7. Otis Spann / I Got A


8. Eric Bibb, Rory Blck &

    Maria Muldaur / Son't

    Ever  Let Nobody Drag

    Your Spirit Down

9. Long-ge / Playing


10. Bogafogo / Slide Blues

11. Taj Mahal Metts The

    Culture Musical Club of

    Zanzibar - Catfish Blues

Album Title:


Release Year:


Record Label:

Sepia Productions

Internet website:

Track List: 

1. Ain't nobody

2. If you hadn't come my


3. Single sided coin

4. Illinois blues

5. Stutter & blink

6. Crucify yourself

7. Who craves to kno

8. I crossed her way

9. Let it roll

10. A Friday night song

11. Nail in my shoes

12. Second best

13. Know you can